Getting your home ready for sale - Lessons from showing 22 homes this past weekend;

So.... one thing I've noticed, people tend to spend more time and money getting their cars ready for sale then they do in getting their homes ready for sale.

Between Saturday and Friday I showed at least 22 homes, possibly as many as 27. Not only was it exhausting, it was insulting to me and my clients to walk into a home that was barely liveable let-alone ready to show to a prospective buyer.

Price range - $300,000 to $400,000
Areas looked - Corolla, Southern Shores, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head.

Keep in mind - hours of notice are given prior to a showing - so this is not a surprise for the home owner. One homeowner had just prepared bacon and sat around the living room while we looked at the home. Another was preparing for a trip and had their stuff everywhere, another had chickens running around their yard, another had 10 to 15 European Students living in this disgusting dirty party infested home, many homes were so cluttered with person collectables, family pictures, nick-nacks that there was no way a new buyer could see themselves in this home, another had stored their pressure washer at the foot of the bed in the master bedroom, broken screens, creepy doll figureines on the bed, jungle yards, dirty carpets, toiletries scattered all over the bathroom, the a/c was off or the home was just too hot to be comfortable, several homes that had pets reaked of either dog odor or cat boxes; etc, I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

When we finally walked into a home that was actually clean and ready for the showing we wanted to leave a thank you note of appreciation, which I did; I would write on the back of my business card - "Thank you so much for presenting such a nice home".

Bottom line - if you are selling your home - clean it - store your collectables away, dont make bacon or some other strong odor producing food, vacuum, put the pets outside, chickens in the coop, empty litter box or better yet store it outside for the showing; and remember; you are selling a home worth thousands of dollars; and you are expecting a buyer to part with thousands of dollars, making perhaps the largest investment of their lives; your home should present that way.  The buyer has to see your home as their next home - their home - where they will continue their lives for years to come - they won't envision it as their as long as it looks too much like yours, if that makes sense. I know it may be hard, but scale it down, keep it simple, clean and fresh, and the end result will be a sale!