I am often asked, should we get a home inspection on this home that we are about to buy?  Answer seems obvious, however, there are a few things to consider.  The cost of a home inspection vaires depending on the size of the home - ranging from $400 to over $1000.  So, this is a valid question. Is it worth it?

If you walk through a home and see evident repair issues like leaks, fogged window glass, a rusty old heat pump, etc.... It might be worthwhile to have a contractor evaluate the issues that you see and ask if they can also just give the home a once over looking for any other issues. Many times, the general contractor wont charge for this.  Specialty contractors, like roofers, electricians, plumbers, and heating and air contractors do typically charge a fee.

A home Inspector is only licensed to look for and find problems - not fix them - and not make declarations that only experts in that particular field can make.  So, if the home looks pretty good during your viewing - then pay the money to have a contractor go through the home and assess it for problems.  Keep in mind, the inspector will defer - or should defer, the judgement of the functionality or useful life to the contractor.  

So what typically happens is this; you have a home inspection, the inspector sites a number of issues; for example; electrical GFCI are not working, plumbing fittings are loose under the sink, the HVAC isnt heating, there is eveidence of a leak under a window, and there are some shingles missing from the roof.  Then the inspector will advise that you have a contractor in each area of specialty evaluate those issues.  It's a multiple step process.

I'll discuss more on inspections, the finding of repair issues, getting estimates for their repair or replacement, and then negotiating all this with the home seller - all this and more in my next blog. Stay tuned!