Currituck Flood Maps Update

It was previously reported in a Legislative Briefing that Currituck County’s flood maps would likely not become effective until sometime next spring or summer – similar to Dare County’s flood map timeline.
Currituck County Planner Jennie Turner informed us today that Currituck’s Letter of Final Determination (LFD) on the maps will be issued on or near June 21, 2018. Once the LFD is issued, there is a six month adoption/compliance period before the maps become effective. Therefore, Currituck’s flood maps could have an effective day of December 21, 2018 or somewhere soon afterwards.
While the flood maps show many properties no longer in the special flood hazard area, OBAR/OBHBA would like to remind homeowners that the maps are temporary. New maps will be developed in the future and will incorporate storm data and other hazard modeling data that was not included in the development of these maps thus likely causing an increase in base flood elevations. It would be wise for all homeowners to carry flood insurance whether it is a flood map requirement or not. If coverage is not consistent, it cannot be grandfathered if the maps change in the future. Rates continue to go up and keeping your current policy based on elevation may be less expensive that a preferred risk policy. Discuss all options with your insurance agent and remember that “Low Risk Does Not Mean No Risk”!