Stressful Transactions

Your Realtor can be the first line of defense in a stressful transaction being the voice of reason. By communicating pertinent information to ease some of the tension that can come along with buying and selling.

Most transactions have significant emotional components, and we need to help you pivot from one set of circumstances to the next.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer filled with anticipation and excitement or an aging couple putting their home on the market as they prepare to move into a retirement community, I will encounter clients that span the spectrum of emotional needs. At times, buying or selling a property can be marked by angst and even depression. Even new construction can be emotional. Delays in the building process or lack luster design expectations can irritate an otherwise easy going buyer.

Keeping Your Cool 

Staying calm and collected serves all of us in the transaction well in situations where emotions run high. “It’s important as the real estate professional to be the bedrock of the transaction and the bedrock of the your best interests.” The details are important.

I had a client who was recently divorced, and she was overwhelmed with the repair requests a potential buyer was making. After giving her some time to process, I made sure she understood exactly what was being requested and why, which allowed the her to came back to the situation calmer and more collected. If we can remain patient we can relay the information clearly and concisely.

Timing can be just as crucial as relaying details. An agent must be attuned to not only the right tone but also the right time to relay a message. When dealing with emotionally charged situations, it’s best to give clients a little time and space when necessary.

As a 26 year real estate Pro, I try very hard to accommodate the needs of an emotional situation and provide superior service from the start rather than trying to do damage control along the way.